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At the heart of digital evolution, Rayofla stands as a creative media powerhouse and think tank, committed to enhancing the digital presence of businesses worldwide. Our offerings are rich and diverse, featuring exclusive live stream events, insightful podcast episodes, and groundbreaking advancements in technology and artistic expression. With a foundation built on decades of experience in TV and music production, web development, and international business, Rayofla expertly merges media, technology, and global perspectives to deliver unparalleled digital solutions and foster creative growth in the digital age.


Table 42 Studio

Podcast studio located in the beautiful City of Budapest.

Podcast Channel

Podcast channel offering both on-location and remote production services.


Rayofla Kft.

Specializing in high-quality podcast production, media content creation, expert consultation, and more.


Aqiris Water

Premium mineral water company offering direct-to-consumer services with eco-friendly glass bottles.


Maria Gyurics Art

A Renowned Hungarian Artist Specializing in Contemporary Abstract and Sketch Art, with a Global Presence in Homes and Galleries.



Specializes in crafting personalized, high-quality GIFs for both in-house and remote clients, ideal for sharing on platforms like GIPHY and designed to turn moments into shareable animations.


Paradox Puzzler

Crafted by Ray, engage your intellect with paradox riddles, each accompanied by captivating answers and insights.


Kolibri Art Studio EU

Featuring American pop art by Britto, Fazzino, and Shag, complemented by contemporary Hungarian artists.

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